shitmonkey (surfinrat) wrote,



I think it's amazing.

Someone that can put a car together from scratch. All the parts, work together, to make a working vehicle. Wow. I respect those people.

Then I thought about it.

People must think it's amazing to be able to put a computer together from scratch too. Every piece working together to make a working computer.

That is something I can do, with no problem. I take that for granted.
I realized how cool that ability is when I was looking at a bare computer case with stuff hanging out of it. I just sat there and looked at it and without really realizing it, I was piecing together just what parts it needed to be complete.

People must think that's amazing.

I think it's amazing.

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You want to know what's even more amazing than that? Putting a motherboard together, from scratch. I only know one person that has done such a thing.
woaaaa, like actually soldering all the components to the board?
Yeah, it was pretty crazy. He said he did it while going to school for a computer engineering degree.
Now that really is amazing!
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Later Dude
wow. that camera sounds important. i found somewhere it goes for like $40k

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