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10 November
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I listen to heavy music - I wear dark clothes - I like the taste of blood BUT I am not GOTH.
I love metal music - more than half my music collection is metal BUT I am not a METALHEAD.
I love going to shows - I love moshing - I love listening to punk music BUT I am not PUNK.
I love rollerblading - I have two pairs of skates and wheels all over my room BUT I am not a BLADER.
I love trying to skateboard - I have a shortboard and a custom longboard BUT I am not a SKATER.
I work on computers for a living - I play video games too much BUT I am not a NERD.
I love surfing - I have a custom made surfboard and wetsuit BUT I am not a SURFER.
I love cars - I have rebuilt my entire engine and installed mods BUT I am not a GEARHEAD.
311, 40 below summer, a flock of seagulls, a perfect circle, acid bath, air, alice in chains, apoptygma berserk, arch enemy, atari teenage riot, bad religion, badly drawn boy, bassic, beastie boys, beck, bile, birmingham 6, bjork, black sabbath, blind melon, bluetonicworld, bob marley, bush, butthole surfers, cake, chemical brothers, chemlab, chris cornell, coal chamber, collective soul, cradle of filth, cranberries, crystal method, cypress hill, david bowie, deep forest, deftones, depeche mode, dieselboy, dj d'headbanga, dj dan, dj liquid, dj logic, dj spree, dope, dredg, dry kill logic, enigma, entombed, exies, factory 81, fear factory, filter, flaming lips, foo fighters, funker vogt, ghost in the machine, goldie, gravity kills, green day, guns n' roses, in flames, incubus, ixohoxi, jamiroquai, janes addiction, jimi hendrix, kidney thieves, killswitch engage, kmfdm, korn, kraftwerk, less than jake, live, lords of acid, love spirals downwards, machine head, marcy playground, marilyn manson, martin and wood, medeski, mindless self indulgance, moby, modest mouse, mr bungle, mudvayne, mystical sun, nine inch nails, nirvana, no doubt, nofx, nothingface, oasis, offspring, orgy, pearl jam, peff, phish, pink floyd, porcupine tree, pres. usa, primus, prodigy, pulsars, queen, radiohead, ramones, rancid, red chord, reel big fish, rem, rhcp, rob zombie, robert miles, roger waters, school of fish, sentenced, seplutura, silverchair, slayer, slick idiot, smashing pumpkins, soilwork, soundgarden, spineshank, sprung monkey, squirrel nut zippers, stabbing westward, steve roach, stp, sublime, superjoint ritual, system of a down, tad, tangerine dream, tapping the vein, the faint, the police, they might be giants, toad the wet sprocket, tool, tori amos, tortoise, type o negative, velvet acid christ, ween, weezer, white zombie, zeromancer